Our Mission

Canada! Innovation Meets Opportunity

To drive innovation, excellence, and growth in the ever-evolving world of technology and business.

What we do

We empower businesses with innovative tech solutions, drive startup success, and provide comprehensive IT consulting services to launch and grow.

Startup Launch Aid

From ideation to research, market analysis, and financial modeling, we assist in startup launch. Note that Canada's Startup Visa is an option.
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Business Launch Guidance

We offer expert guidance for launching your business in Canada. Did you know that starting a business is a pathway to immigration in Canada?
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Creating Innovative Ideas

Creating Innovative Ideas

We harness the power of innovation to cultivate fresh and visionary concepts that align with the startup's fundamental purpose and objectives.

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Essential Startup Documents

Essential Startup Documents

We offer comprehensive guidance in preparing essential documents, covering feasibility studies to pitch decks, ensuring a well-prepared package for startups.

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Exploring the unknown

A glimpse into our process of problem solving and direction finding.

Interactive Client Discussions

Interactive Client Discussions

We host a series of sessions, working closely with clients to grasp their business concept and idea, a pivotal element in the comprehensive planning process.

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Launch Your Startup

Launch Your Startup

We offer support in launching your startup and business, providing expertise for a successful, well-prepared launch of your entrepreneurial journey.

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Who are we

Innovix, by Farzad Jafari and Ali Babakhani in Canada, excels in advanced economics and technology.

What we charge

You get all our knowledge for one simple price.


We highly value finance innovators and startup founders. Our initial consulting services are hourly-based, but to support you, the first hour is on us! So, if you're planning to launch a startup in Canada, get in touch with us now.

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"It's always a pleasure to see so many innovative, enthusiastic young people and extraordinarily inspiring Faculty. Thank you so much for showing me some of the great work being done at this amazing institution. Your dedication to excellence is truly commendable."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The numbers

+ 3000

Thriving Canadian ecosystem with flourishing startups.

US $13.6

Canada attracts capital for its thriving tech startups.


Canada hosts predominantly small entrepreneurial enterprises.

"As the founder of a tech startup, Innovix has been an invaluable partner. Their insights and assistance have been crucial to navigating the complexities of the startup world. Innovix is the go-to choice for tech entrepreneurs."

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Reza Farazi
Founder of Startup

"Innovix played a pivotal role in launching my technology business. Their expert guidance and support were instrumental in achieving success. I highly recommend Innovix to aspiring entrepreneurs."

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Mehrdad Qaffari
CEO of Technology Business
What others have to say

Client success stories and satisfaction with Innovix Services.

"Securing my Startup Visa through Innovix was a seamless experience. They not only designed a startup tailored to my goals but also provided unwavering support in the visa process. Innovix is a trusted ally for startup success."

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Jane Doemunsky
Owner of Startup