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Welcome to Innovix Services, your trusted partner in IT consulting, startup launch, and technology advancements. We provide a wide range of services, including software house, network consultancies, technology research and development, public networking services, information technology consultants, web design, internet consultancy, cyber security consultancy, IT infrastructure, data classification and analysis, portal, education and training computer software, computer consultancies, education technologies research and development, internet content provider, and electronic chips programming.

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01. Strategic Startup Preparation

Innovix's startup preparation services encompass market research, business idea development, business plan formulation, feasibility studies, pitch deck creation, and the design and development of landing pages and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).

Preparation Stages

Market Research, business planning, feasibility studies, pitch deck, and MVP development services.

02. Building Bridges for Funding

Innovix facilitates engagement with investors through document preparation, correspondence for submissions to venture capitalists, angels, and incubators, online meetings, obtaining letters of support, and handling the Startup Visa application process, including biometrics.

Investor Engagement

Document preparation, online meetings, obtaining a Letter of Support, and Startup Visa submission.

03. Canada Arrival and Launch

Innovix's services extend to the Canadian phase, covering open work permit submissions, travel arrangements, landing processes, company establishment, project launches within 18 months, and assistance with permanent residency applications (PR).

Arrival in Canada

Open Work Permit, travel and landing in Canada, company establishment, and PR application.

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